Shoujo Ai

Top 2 Best Shoujo Ai manhua of all time

What is manhua?

Manhua is a form of comic originating from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. It is believed to have emerged in the early 20th century and has since become extremely popular.

What is Shoujo Ai manhua?

Shoujo Ai manhua refers to a genre of Chinese comic books or graphic novels that explore romantic or emotional relationships between female characters. The term "shoujo ai" translates to "girls' love" in Japanese and is commonly used to categorize manga and manhua that depict same-sex relationships between girls or women. Shoujo Ai manhua focuses on the development of romantic feelings, emotional connections, and intimacy between female characters.

Top 2 Best Shoujo Ai Manhua of all time?

1. Fatal Oxygen

Description:  Will you become my Alpha? Become the oxygen I rely on to survive… I don’t care if you’re fatal… I will still be perfectly happy to rely on you. Xia Shao Ying’s newest work “Fatal Oxygen”. Stay tuned! Genre(s): 
Drama, Manhua, Romance, Shoujo Ai, Shounen Ai, Soft Yaoi, Webtoons, Yaoi

2. My Food Seems To Be Very Cute

Description:  A vampire who has been sleeping for nearly two hundred years, Maria is awakened by a passing werewolf girl by a chance, and the moment the coffin is opened, the curse falls on the werewolf girl. The two girls set foot on the journey to the city Genre(s):  Fantasy, Manhua, Shoujo Ai, Soft Yuri, Yuri

Where to read Shoujo Ai manhua for free?

You can read Shoujo Ai manhua for free on the ManhwaManhua website. Don’t forget follow ManhwaManhua to get the latest news of  Manhua !